Royal Islander Owners Timeshare Group

362 Tuscany Crescent, Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 4W6, Canada.

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Royal Islander Timeshare

Owners Group

St Marten.

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The "RIOTG" is able to act on your behalf and handle the sales transactions. This way, your privacy is assured and protected from what can be unpleasant "negotiations". We charge no fee to handle the purchase but the Resort charges a $285 Documentation Registration Fee for a purchase - which is payable by the new owner.

We will do the following for you:

Upon finalization of the foregoing we will arrange delivery of the ownership certificate to yourself and pay the Owner.The process takes generally 90 days after all documentation has been received and payment has ben made  


We will place your Advertisement on our Internet site as per the terms of our Classified listings

Please be cautious of the many timeshare companies promising to sell your unit but who want an up front fee to do so!

Renting your Unit

This is what we will do when we rent your unit:

You agree to:

 Last Minute Rentals.  Any Rental transaction that is arranged within 45  days of usage the handling fee is 20%   (Minimum Fee charged is $150 per week)  of the rental price

Renting a Unit from an owner at the Royal Islander

We have been helped many owners in renting out Units that would have otherwise been left empty or banked with little hope of using the time and/or finding accommodation for owners and friends wishing to visit St Marten and staying at The Royal Islander Club.For more information on member services, please email us